2024 Dues: $77.00
Break down of fee:
Masonic Home * $2.50
Masonic Children’s Foundation (CHIPS) * $2.00
Masonic Scholarship Fund of Missouri, Inc * $1.00
George Washington National Memorial * $1.00
Grand Lodge Youth Group Assessment * $3.00 ** $1.00 of this is tax deductible.
Grand Lodge Assessment – Public Relations $1.00
Grand Lodge Dues $26.50
Kearney Lodge #311 Dues $40.00 (As determined by lodge by-laws)
* Indicates Tax Exempt Status.

Contributions below are voluntary items

Kearney 311 Building Fund $10.00
Kearney 311 Charity & Relief Account $10.00
Penny-a-day Tradition* $3.65
Additional Masonic Home Contribution* $10.00
Children’s Foundation* $10.00
Grand Lodge Scholarships Fund* $10.00
To contribute more than $10.00 above just add multiple items to cart.
* Indicates Tax Exempt Status.
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As an option you can print and mail in the dues statement.
Please be sure to write your name and address on the form.
2024 Dues Statement (PDF Format)